Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance


• Quality is of paramount importance to us, and we take every care to make sure that we produce and offer all products of the finest quality.

• Our manufacturing facilities are well equipped with Q.A. laboratories which run 24/7 in parallel to plant operations. A skilled team of chemists work in three shifts and perform all QC tests for raw materials, in-process and finished goods. 

• The Q.C. laboratories have various support equipment such as GC, KF, Viscometers, colorimeter, stability tester etc. 

• All records pertaining to QC testing are well documented physically and electronically and all instruments are routinely calibrated and maintained as per ISO standards.


Quality Policy

• We Strive for excellence in all aspects of management through continual improvement of product , processes and systems to satisfy our customers, suppliers, employees, stake holders and interested parties.

• We provide cost effective and quality products with timely delivery and services to enhance customer satisfaction.

• We strive to achieve organizational objectives through total employee involvement.

• We make decisions and implement actions based on analysis of data and information in order to ensure continuous improvement & growth.