Dyna Glycols Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturer of Surfactants and other chemicals.

We have over 30 years experience and well established expertise in manufacturing surfactants. Our capabilities is exemplified by the breadth of products presented in our range. We offer a comprehensive range of Non-Ionic, anionic, cationic and amphoteric surfactants. We are continuously engaged in new-product development and our portfolio of products is ever increasing.

We demonstrate our capability as a leading surfactant manufacturer in India, through the following features:

One-stop-shop: Our broad spectrum of chemistries and vast product range (1600+) enables our customers to source most of their requirements from one place itself.

Capacities: We are a large multi-faced, robust and flexible manufacturing company having multiple reaction vessels with capacities ranging from 100L to 32,000L. We have an assortment of SS, Glass-lined and Loop-reactor vessels equipped with dedicated batch-tanks and distillation facilities.While current capacity increases 50,000MT, we have planned capacity expansion in the near future.

Work-force: We are a large organization and our plants are managed by a team of efficient managers working in a pleasant and affable environment. A virtually zero attrition rate allows us to retain and nurture our talent. We have a in-house team of engineers (Chemical/Mechanical/Civil/Electrical) who continuously monitor and maintain our production systems and also take up new indigenous projects for plant-expansions and new plant installation.

Logistics: We have our own fleet of chemical tankers for Ethylene Oxide transport and for other chemicals. We also have our own fleet of cantors, trailors and trucks for transport of raw material to site and shipment of goods to our customers or ports.

Safety: Being a chemical manufacturer, we are utmost concerned about Safety. We have special Safety teams across all plants mentored by senior managers with previous experience from MNC’s.

IT: We are fully equipped with the best Information Technology and Communication tools and we continuously upgrade our systems in all departments of work.