Polyester, Wool, Silk, Nylon processing and Worsted Processing Chemicals

 Pre-treatment Chemicals: Scouring and de-sizing :

-stable to high temperatures. Effective in removing synthetic sizes
-low foam scouring agent
-crypto-anionic detergent for KIER Boiling, for woven and hosiery fabrics
-Anionic/non-ionic scouring cum desizing agent
-Scouring agent cum stain remover
-wetting agent, alkali stable, low to moderate scouring agent for polyester and blends.
-Wetting and scouring agent with good penetration for polyester


-De-mineralizing, takes care of hard water and maintains pH.
-Sequestering agent for synthetics.

 Dyeing Aids:

-Polyester levelling and dispersing agent (also for patchy/burred dyeing)
-Economical polyester levelling agent, stable in hard water.
-two-in-one levelling agent for polyester and cotton. Stable in hard water.
-Sequesterent, dispersing, levelling and buffer for polyester.
-Dye-diffusion accelerator cum carrier. Works under HTHP conditions.
-Buffer acids for polyester dyeing.
-Cationic dye-able polyester levelling agent
-Powerful polyester levelling and dispersing agent, anti-migration and clears patchy burred dyeing.
-Powerful dispersing agent with oligomer control in polyester yarn dyeing.
-Anionic/non-ionic levenning agent with brilliant shine on dyed fabrics.

 Dye-bath lubricant:

-polymer lubricants

 Post-Dyeing lubricant for synthetics:

-Non-ionic anti-static post dyeing lubricant (paste)
-Cationic antistatic post dyeing lubricant (liquid)
-Antistatic post dyeing lubricant for acrylics.

 Reduction cleaning/Soaping/Stain-removers:

-Washing off/ soaping agent
-Reduction clearing agent
-All in one reduction clearing agent (caustic free)

 Stain Removers

 Finishing agents for Synthetics:

-easy-feel, versatile cationic softener flakes.
-Polymeric cationic softener. Imparts bulk/body and excellent softness.
-Nil-foam, non-yellowing cationic softeners with PE-wax and silicon.
-Special cationic softeners for polyester and blends.

 Blooming agent:

-Blooming -effect agent for black finished fabrics.

 Silk and Nylon Processing Chemicals:

-De-gumming enzymes
-De-gumming chemicals
-Formic acid substitutes (mineral acid free)
-Mild alkali buffer
-Other acid substitutes
-Acid dye levelling agent
-Vegetable oil based scrooping agent
-Anionic dye-fixing agent for nylon and wool dyeing
-Cationic softener
-Amino silicon (70%)

 Levelling agent for Acrylics/Worsted processing:

-Levelling agents for acid dyes and for 1:1 metal complex dyeing
-Acrylic dye retarding agents