VENTAN RCS is a rechroming syntan for use in leather industry. It is recommended for rechroming of chrome tanned & E.I. tanned leathers.


Appearance : Green coloured free flowing powder
% moisture content : 5.0 max.
Solubility in Water : Readily soluble in water
pH of 10% Soln. : 2.5 - 3.5
Charge : Anionic
Stability to electrolytes : Very good


• In rechroming it helps in maintaining chrome character of the leather with good fullness & softness.
• Rechroming with Ventan RCS gives leathers a tight and fine grain.
• It increases the affinity of leather for dyestuffs and ensures level dyeing.
• It exhausts completely from rechroming bath at elevated temperature. Due to its masked chrome complexed nature, when used as pretanning agent, rapid penetration of pelt takes place and this facilitates acceleration of subsequent vegetable tanning process.


In general, 2 - 4% (on shaved wt.) is applied prior to neutralising.

For pre-tanning, 1 - 2% (on pelt wt.) is applied after the pickle in the same bath.

For chroming wet white leathers, 2 - 6% (on pelt wt.) is applied in combination with other tanning agents.


Minimum 12 months if stored in dry & cool place in closed container under normal conditions.