VENTAN VEF is a retanning for chrome leather, especially for soft aniline leather.


Appearance : Dark brown coloured, clear to slightly hazy liquid
Chemical character : Product based on polypeptides & aromatic sulfonates
pH : 7.5 ? 0.5
Solid content : 47 ? 2%
Solubility : Miscible in water
Stability : Good to solutions of weak acids, alkali, salt, hard water & veg.


• It fills the loose areas of hides and skins and upgrades the quality of leather.
• It increases grain tightness and softness of leather. Also promotes level dyeing.
• It is taken up relatively rapidly by leather from bath. The best results are obtained at float pH above 4.5. By lowering the pH it fixes into leather.
• It cannot be used for white or pale coloured leathers as it gives dull shade to crust.


It is particularly suitable for retannage for following types of leather,

Side leather, Softy side leather and Buff -calf.
Side nappa for Shoe Uppers, Clothing and Upholstery.
Glazed kid and Sheep skin leather for Clothing and Footwear.
Pig skin leather for Footwear and Clothing.
Suede splits for Footwear and Clothing.

For full grain side leather, recommended dosage is 5% (on shaved wt.)
For side Upholstery leather, recommended dosage is 5% (on shaved wt.)
For Chrome suede splits, recommended dosage is 5 - 10% (on shaved wt.)
For sheep skin suede for clothing, recommended dosage is 10 - 15% (on shaved wt.)


Minimum 06 months if stored in dry & cool place in closed container under normal conditions.