VENWET A is an amphoteric emulsifying cum dispersing agent for use in leather industry.

Appearance : Reddish yellow to yellowish brown, viscous, pourable liquid
pH (10% soln.) : 8 ? 0.5
Solid content : 50 ? 2%
Dilutability : Dilutable with hot water in any proportion. Constant stirring is
required while mixing with hot water.
Stability : Stable to acid, alkali, salt, hard water and chrome


• It disperses natural fats and facilitates even distribution of chrome and fats thru entire cross-section of leather.
• It increases softness of leather and promotes level dyeing.
• When used in semi chrome tannage, it helps to avoid drawn grain.


It can be used in the pickle or chrome tannage. In the pickling it helps in dispersing natural fats and accelerates pickling process. In chrome tannage it helps in dispersion of chrome tanning salts. Dosage : 0.5 - 1% on shaved weight.

It can be used together with retanning agents or fatliquors in any preliminary fatliquoring process. Dosage : 0.5 - 1% on shaved weight.

It is used in main fatliquoring process to stabilise fatliquor mixtures. The use of this product offers improvement in penetration and uniform distribution of fatliquor. Dosage : 1 - 5% on amount of fatliquor.

It helps in accelerating uniform wetting back of leather and produces levelling effect on the subsequent dyeing.
It's best use is in semichrome tannage to disperse the natural fats applied during vegetable tannage. It thereby prevents the formation of chrome soap. It also helps in producing fine grain and minimizes drawn grain effect. Dosage : 1 - 5% on dry weight of E.I. leather.


Minimum 12 months if stored in dry & cool place in closed container under normal conditions.