VENDIGRIS WP is an efficient degreasing agent to use in pelt, E.I. tanned and wet blue stages of processing of leather.

Appearance : Colourless to pale yellow viscous liquid
Ionic Character : Crypto-anionic based fatty alcohol polyglycolic ether
pH of 10% solution : 7 ? 0.5
Stable to : Acid (good in weak acids), hard water & salt
Solubility : Dilutable with water. Solutions above 100 gms per liter are
slightly turbid


• It is specially suitable for degreasing sheep skins
• It can disperse chrome soaps and degrease wet blue skins to get level dying for aniline leathers
• It helps in minimizing back bone patches in suede dyeings.


Pelt after bating to be dry milled with 3-4% of this product diluted with 5-10% water, for an hour. To be washed once or twice with luke warm water in fleshing machine and then to be taken up pickling as usual.

For degreasing of pickled sheep skins, to be dry milled as below,
Water at 350C : 10% (on pickled wt.)
Salt : 1.5% (on pickled wt.)
Vendigris WP : 4.5% (on pickled wt.)
After dry milling for 1 hour, wash the skins once or twice in fleshing machine with lukewarm 5% brine solution and take for further processing.

For degreasing of wet blue skins, shaved skins are drummed for 1 hour as below,
Water at 350C : 35-50% (on shaved wt.)
Vendigris WP : 4-5% (on shaved wt.)
Skins are then washed with 300% water at 600C for 20 minutes and taken for further process.

For minimizing back bone patches in suede dyeing, the crust is wetted back as below,
Water at 600C : 300% (on dry wt.)
Vendigris WP : 3 - 4% (on dry wt.)
Ammonia : 2% (on dry wt.)
After 2 hours of drumming when the leathers are properly wet, drain the float, wash with 500% water at 600C for 15 minutes and take for dyeing.


Minimum 12 months if stored in dry & cool place in closed container under normal conditions.