Wetting agents, softeners, Dyeing aids, Dye bath lubricants, Scouring agents, speciality chemicals, preservatives, Anti-back staining agents, Sequestering agents, blooming agents, levelling agents, finishing agents and Printing chemicals


Preservatives, fatliquors, dye-fixers, binders, lacquors, wax emulsions, wetting agents, degreasing agents and syntans.


Pre-treatment chemicals, de-inking aids, sizing chemicals, dyeing aids, bleaching aids, softeners and binders.

Cosmetics and Personal care

Emulsifiers, pearling agents, opacifiers, thickeners, dispersants, emollients, pH balancers, foaming agents, foam boosters, wetting agents, stabilizers, conditioners, viscosity controlling agents, UV-filters etc.


Base emulsifiers, solvents, formulations, biocides, diluents, solubilizing agents, de-scaling agents, de-colouring agent

Paints and Coatings

De-foamers, dispersing agents, emulsifiers for emulsion polymerization, preservatives, anti-setting agents, new-generation low foaming emulsifiers, APEO-free emulsifiers and de-emulsifiers


Dispersing agents, low foaming emulsifiers, anionic emulsifiers, metal complexing agents,

Lubricants and Oilfield

Additives, thermally stable additives, antistatic agents, viscosity improvers, dispersing agents, De-emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, anionic emulsifiers, Quaternary compounds


Eco-friendly detergents, acid thickeners, emollients, dispersing agents, emulsion stabilizers


Wetting agents, emollients, diluents, solvents, pharma intermediates, excipients

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