Sulfated fatty alcohols have excellent emulsifying, wetting, lime soap dispersing and foaming properties. They also have high electrolyte tolerance. Alkyl ether sulphated (ethoxylates) also show improved water solubility and resistance to hardness. These products are widely used in emulsion polymerization, cosmetic formulations, detergents and textile industry. We offer a variety of sulphates based on natural and synthetic alcohols and ethoxylates. Our plant has exclusive facility for sulfonation using Oleum and other sulphating agents. We also offer phenol and naphthalene sulfonates for leather industry.

We offer the below products for this chemistry:


1. 2-Ethylhexyl Sulfate (40-45%)
4. EO-PO Copolymer  Sulfate
6. C11 alcohol ethoxylated Sulfate
8. Sodium Cetostearyl Sulfate


We also offer sulfonates as below:


1. Phenol Sulfonate
2. Napthalene Sulfonate


We welcome inquiries for any other sulfates/sulfonates which can be manufactured at our facility.