Fatty Amine Ethoxylates

Dyna Glycols India manufacture fatty amine ethoxylate which includes Stearyl Amine, Tallow Amine and Tallow Diamine, Coco Amine, Oleyl Amine, Amino Propyl Behnyl Amine and Ethylene Diamine.Fatty amine ethoxylates are non-ionic surface-active agents manufactured by addition of different moles of ethylene oxide to fatty amines producing a range of ethoxlated molecules. 


Stearyl Amine ethoxylate - 10, 30 EO Moles

Tallow Amine and Tallow Diamine ethoxylate - 3, 10, 20 EO Moles

Coco Amine ethoxylate - 10, 20, 30 EO Moles

Oleyl Amine ethoxylate - 15,20,30 EO Moles 

Amino Propyl Behnyl Amine ethoxylate - 10, 90 EO Moles

Ethylene Diamine ethoxylate -4 EO Moles