Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) Esters

PEG esters are formed by the reaction of polyoxyethylene glycol (X-moles) with a fatty acid. Such esters are generally water soluble and behave as emulsifiers. They do now hydrolyse in water and prevent mould growth, therefore preferred in products containing water (eg. Cosmetic creams etc.)
Applications: PEG esters are widely used in the formulation of emulsifier blends, thickeners, resin plasticizers, emollients, pacifiers, spreading agents, wetting and dispersing agents and viscosity builders. They also have applications in metal working, pulp, paper, textiles and defoamers for latex paints.

We at Venus, offer a comprehensive range of Mono and Di esters of PEG based on various fatty acids such as Lauric (C12), Stearic (C18) and Oleic (C18 unsat.). Our PEG molecular weights range from 200 to 6000. We can also custom-manufacture any PEG esters based on customer requirement (required MW and type of fatty acid).